Assistance with Jury Selection

We collaborate with counsel to assess each juror based on verbal and non-verbal behavior during voir dire. Using a “de-selection” model based on demograhics and life experience, we apply our psychological expertise to evaluate jurors who are likely pro-plaintiff or pro-defense, as well as to identify jurors for cause.

Focus Group

Early focus Group research is crucial in determining the risks and value of your case, as well as to test the strength of your claims, critical case facts, and initial themes and defenses.

The results from this research provide counsel and the client with the necessary data to make an informed decision about whether to proceed to trial, or negotiate an equitable settlement.

Case Strategy

We provide a thorough assessment of your case with an early review of documents, depositions, interviews and other evidence in the litigation. We identify case strengths and weaknesses, develop themes, and offer a plan of action to meet your specific case needs, goals and budget.

Mock Bench Trial

The mock bench trial is the most reliable research approach for Markman hearings and other complex matters involving antitrust and securities.

Neutral observers judge summary presentations with argument, fact and expert witness testimony, and respond to questions after each presentation.  Feedback from the observers guide critical decisions regarding discovery, case themes, and witness testimony, as well as provide a more reliable estimate of the range of risk.

Mock Trial

Our mock trial research expands the scope of focus group research, lasting anywhere from 10 hours to 2-3 days.  This is especially valuable with complicated cases involving patent and trademark infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, product liability, antitrust, breach of contract, class action, securities fraud, and environmental/toxic tort.

We take a traditional approach in the design of mock trial research: rehearse and refine opening and closing statements, evaluate key witness testimony, hone damage theories, and observe the deliberation process and focus sessions facilitated by our psychologists.

Trial Monitoring

Corporate legal departments and insurance carriers request our presence in court to monitor and observe aspects of and/or the entire trial.

We provide feedback about juror reactions, courtroom dynamics, witness testimony and opening/closing statements. Daily reports are provided to the trial team, insurance counsel, and the client. We also arrange and facilitate shadow juries.

Witness Preparation

Our psychologists have years of intensive cognitive, behavioral and psychological training and experience working with witnesses to prepare them for trial.

We work with expert and fact witnesses from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, including C-suite, corporate and entertainment executives, VIP clients and celebrities, physicians, scientists, inventors, attorneys, economists, PMK and 30(b)(6) witnesses, insurance professionals, writers, producers, chemists, metallurgists, insured individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Community Attitude Surveys

Community Attitude Survey research is critical in matters with substantial pre-trial publicity. The data from survey research provides information about the venue, juror profiles, and juror perception of corporate citizenship.

We collaborate with counsel to design interviews that measure demographics, attitudes and experiences, as well as respondent reactions to case facts described in a brief vignette.

Communications Training

Effective communication (verbal and nonverbal) is an integral part of being a successful leader. Communicating the right message authentically and with authority increases credibility and influence.

Dr. Calvillo’s group seminars and one-on-one training provides professionals with the opportunity to improve communication and presentation skills, by gaining better insight into how language/word choices and non-verbal gestures and behaviors impact interactions with other associates and industry professionals.

Dr. Calvillo will help develop your unique voice, as well as help craft affirmative themes and messages through expert feedback and coaching.

Dr. Calvillo has worked with a range of professionals, including scientists, physicians, political candidates, new hires, C-suite executives, and company teams examined by regulatory agencies.